A team with ambitions //

We are a team of crazy people who loves to have fun, and who really want to make things in a different way. Jan Plaugborg Eskildsen is the man behind Hair Team Company ApS which is situated in Aarhus. He is a skilled hairdresser and has been part of the hairdressing business for many years. His own experiences are the reason for the production of this product line without bad ingredients.

Three years ago Jan Plaugborg Eskildsen wanted to start a family – that turned out not as easy as expected. His semen quality was quite low – a problem that has become more and more common concurrently with more and more damaging ingredients in our everyday life. Jan Plaugborg Eskildsen was pretty chocked, and therefore began to investigate the research already made concerning that specific subject. The results he found were both surprising and discouraging. Besides the most common problems as allergies and endocrine disrupting, there has been connected to ingredients in modern products, it also occurred to him that hairdressers are in the risk group as to among others blatter cancer and other cancer types. All these scary facts as well as a cost-cutting in the last employment were the ultimate possibility to test whether it was obtainable to make products that do not contain damaging and bad ingredients and with a minimum of environmental impact.

The philosophy was to make products for animals, hairdressers and their customers. The products had to have the Nordic Ecolabel in order for animal friends, hairdressers and end-users to be able to make an easier choice in the jungle of products and statements as well as of sales representatives’ substandard effort trying to sell their products as being the most ‘pure’, ‘green’ or most unique product in the world! Our object was to make the Nordic Ecolabel the main documentation for our products having no bad impact on human beings or animal, as well as they would have minimum environmental impact – That means, no bad ingredients! The four objectives were:


The products shall perform. (That means they shall do what we promise they can do, and function as intended!).


The products shall have a license for the Nordic Ecolabel


Think/incorporate sustainability concerning packaging and the contents with regards to environment


The products shall contain as many certified ecological ingredients as possible without compromising the performance and function of the products.


Vision //

Our vision is to secure that our customers have a professional product line to choose from without bad substances and with a minimum of environmental impact. Our object is that you, your children, your family and everyone else, now and in the future, should not be affected by bad ingredients that can cause lifelong health issues and illnesses.

Harsh and outspoken? Yes, but it is a fact.

Due to our competences, professional experience, professional networking and a great engagement we create intelligent products that are reliable and can perform. Sustainability concerning packaging and environment is a matter of course! We keep up with latest science and development on the market, and we adapt, evaluate and develop our new products without bad substanses.

Innovation is our core competence.


Mantra //

We want you and all human beings all the best and to make a difference in this world.

- Jan Plaugborg Eskildsen