The Nordic Ecolabel

What is the Nordic Ecolabel?


The Nordic Ecolabel is perfect because it says NO to:

ingredients that are (item no. 1,2,3 and 4)

or ingredients that are potential to be (item no. 1,2,3 and 4)

No CMR ingredients

1: C = Cancer (no carcinogens)

2: M = Mutagenic (ingredients that can make our genes and/or cells to mutate – or fish/snails/frogs can mutate/behave strange in our environment. Cells in our body can mutate/go beserk and become cancer cells).

3: R = Reproductive (reproductive damaging ingredients – ingredients that damage our genes/babies/children/next generation. Adult impacts/damages when we wish to reproduce/have children).

4: Endocrine disruptors


Demands/standards for products with the Nordic Ecolabel:

  • Strict demands concerning limited contents of allergenic ingredients.
  • Quality and function/performance standards – the products has to be at least as good as other products. It has to be top quality.
  • It has to have as low an environmental impact as possible.
  • Packaging weight standards – the packaging have to be as light as possible to avoid use of too much fuel for transportation (as well as large CO2 emissions!) – also to avoid the use of too much packaging material.
  • Evalutation of the packaging material.